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שוברים שתיקה

Paris- 27 Janvier Manifestation pour l’égalité puisque le 16 Decembre n’a pas suffit…

When you fall in love and you want to celebrate your union, who has the right to decide for you?

When you want to celebrate your union and you want to have a kid together, who has the right to decide for you?

What proved that a man and a woman together make a better job?

who has perfect straight parents and would recommend them to others?

Manifestation pour l’égalité des droits, le mariage, l’adoption, la PMA et la filiation pour tous les couples le 27 janvier à Paris. Manifestation organisée par l’inter-LGBT et le collectif “Agissons pour l’égalité”.
Pour l’égalité maintenant, contre les discriminations tout le temps!

Départ à 14h de Denfert-Rochereau. Arrivée : Bastille. Des prises de parole, traduites en langue des signes, auront lieu à l’arrivée.
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N’écoutez pas les rumeurs et ne perdez pas votre temps avec les trolls ! ;) Le 27/01, tous mobilisés !

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Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand community gets together to say some important words. No matter what, these people are beautiful.
Hand in Hand presentation at the willy brandt center in Jerusalem
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Children are the one that will change the world but they need your money.

You can be part of the ones that support a project that can change the world and bring peace to the middle est.
If our children will see it’s possible to love each other and dance together no matter their cultural background
I guess peace will win
open you heart and your wallet and make it happen by supporting the movie that show it can be the futur:
“Dancing in Jaffa” by Hilla Medalia

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If I were the President

If I were the President, I would take care that every citizen can go confidently with whom he/she wants, be who she/he is and realize his/her dreams

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I’m from Gaza