Home is you

Aya, a 32-year-old musician with no boundaries or doubts about her identity as a lesbian, meets Yaelle, a 29-year-old multimedia artist and new immigrant to Israel from a conservative French family. They create performances together. Their encounter develops into a story of true love, and Yaelle makes the difficult decision to reveal her homosexuality to her parents.
Hope turns to despair as Yaelle is forced to sever her relationship with her family who refuse
to accept her. The young couple flies to Toronto to get married, but Yaelle then suffers an acute post-nuptial depression. She emerges from this depression to face her identity regarding herself, her culture, and her family.
Home is You is a brave and intimate documentary portrait. Vibrant, full of humor, real, and touching, Home is You confronts a humanistic struggle for love, marriage, and acceptance for all.

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A Perfect Ending

Very good actresses! Very true feelings! Very strong movie

Director: Nicole Conn

Writer: Nicole Conn

Stars: Barbara Niven, Jessica Clark and John HeardShare on Facebook

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ליין פרינג מציג: הקרנת הסרט Home is You

Paris- 27 Janvier Manifestation pour l’égalité puisque le 16 Decembre n’a pas suffit…

When you fall in love and you want to celebrate your union, who has the right to decide for you?

When you want to celebrate your union and you want to have a kid together, who has the right to decide for you?

What proved that a man and a woman together make a better job?

who has perfect straight parents and would recommend them to others?


Manifestation pour l’égalité des droits, le mariage, l’adoption, la PMA et la filiation pour tous les couples le 27 janvier à Paris. Manifestation organisée par l’inter-LGBT et le collectif “Agissons pour l’égalité”.
Pour l’égalité maintenant, contre les discriminations tout le temps!

Départ à 14h de Denfert-Rochereau. Arrivée : Bastille. Des prises de parole, traduites en langue des signes, auront lieu à l’arrivée.
Plus d’infos sur http://www.agissonspourlegalite.fr/

N’écoutez pas les rumeurs et ne perdez pas votre temps avec les trolls ! ;) Le 27/01, tous mobilisés !

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I Can’t Marry You

When will it be allowed to marry who eve you love?

When will stop discrimination from governments?

Director: Catherine Gray

Stars:  Adam AronsonBetty DeGeneres and John J. McNeillSee full cast and crew

An exploration of the issues surrounding same sex marriages in the USA. 20 gay and lesbian couples recount their experiences and discuss why same sex marriage is needed.

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