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“Newest Miss Representation ” – Dana ve Anat Event at Shpagat

Posted on January 2, 2013 by Comingout coil

Tonight at Shpagat screening of “Newest Miss Representation ”

Miss Representation explores women’s under-representation in positions of power and influence and challenges the limited and often disparaging portrayals of women in media. Writer/Director Jennifer Siebel Newsom brings together some of America’s most influential thought leaders in politics, news, entertainment, and academia, including Condoleezza Rice, Katie Couric, Geena Davis, Lisa Ling, Marissa Mayer, Cory Booker, Jean Kilbourne, and Jackson Katz, to give us an inside look at the media’s messaging. As one of the most persuasive and pervasive forces of communication in our culture, mainstream media is educating yet another generation that a woman’s primary value lies in her youth, beauty and sexuality—not in her capacity as a leader. Miss Representation premieres Saturday January 22 in the documentary competition at Sundance Film Festival and then travels to the Athena Film Festival in New York City February 12.

‏”Happiness is something that lives and feels and not that reason and defines”
‏miguel de Unamuno

Remember “Depression of happiness”, by Livia Abraham and Yaelle David, made 12 years ago..It was just a begining
‏This experimental movie, was a critiscm of the superficial society we are living in.
2001 was a pretty good year for the advertisement industry.
The appearance, staying young and slim was really important.
‏The movie shows the absurdity of the world of advertisement that makes you think that happiness is in being “miss perfect with the perfect smile”.
‏The main character is obsessed with perfection. He cleans and repairs advertising in the street that have been damaged or are dirty. 
He wants to make sure images of icons stays perfect until he opens the public bin…

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