Riff Cohen

Riff Cohen’s first album is Coming Out

Posted on September 21, 2012 by Comingout coil

Was a beautiful and touching performance with a lot of surprises, a lot of love and respect to all the people that are helping her, loving her and support her. She invited all of them of the stage, from her Mum to her photographer.

Was at eyes and heart level, Riff is very modest and full of gratitude and it makes it so simple and accessible and easy too share. In arabic, hebrew, french or any universal languages.

She is not only beautiful, talented and loving, she is also smart because she stayed independent and her first album has no label.

From Haaretz By Uri Zer Aviv Nov.14, 2011:

Despite numerous attempts, Cohen failed in securing a serious offer from a recording company in France. A short romance with the French branch of EMI Music ended in disappointment: “The contract I almost signed with EMI didn’t include funding for an album I would record. It was just me paying money for the song being played,” she says, and adds that “the time I spent in Paris mostly improved my understanding of how the whole music business works. I learned what publishing means, what a distribution contract is and what an artist’s contract is. I learned that in order to reach key players in the music industry you need to talk to insiders. Like, for example, the guard at the entrance to the company’s offices – because he probably knows the manager who comes out to smoke a cigarette, so he can help you.”

Being independent, going with your truth and keeping your rights is possible

She gives hope and light. She loves.

Was a beautiful spirit on the stage. She invited the Alaev Family, Eliran Amar, (First time I saw a man belly dancer) on the stage and many others talented performers and not necessary super famous yet, she insist that one of her guest will leave her phone number that the public will be able to contact her and invite her to perform again.

I came with no expectations and I was happily surprised.

Thank you Riff and thank you Yiscah for the invitation!

היה ממש ממש כיף, מפתיע, מרגש וקסום אתמול. רק שכחת להגיד תודה לעצמך אז תודה לך. ♥

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