S.O.S. Transition

Currently, I’m going through hell, I’m really suffering and now have totally lost everything, yes I have nothing at all….. the little that I had, that also I have lost.

Ever since I decided to come out completely and have come out my life has further more become a hell. Even after preparing myself for the worst, I find it extremely difficult to live with all this discrimination, disrespect as I told you that we transpeople live at the fringe of society, we are not accepted at all by the straight people, if I may say so even many gay & lesbian ill treat us (me) and don’t understand what we go through.

I’ve been knocking door of so many LGBT communities for help, for a safe place to live and work but no one comes to help a transperson. It’s very easy for a gay or lesbian to get jobs but for a transgender it’s extremely difficult and this no one understand including the LGBT people.

Now my son and his father have abandon me because my life, who I am was affecting their lives. All I’m doing is running, running to find a save place to live and work. I have no house and no job, I’m all alone with no help from anyone. Not that I don’t have work experience or knowledge, I have it all but then comes in play the gender problem. I just don’t know what to do, the only road I see is to death….. I’m miserable, in so much of depression, I’m frustrated being born in a wrong body and I’m scared.

I would be so grateful to you if you can help me.

Words just can’t describe what I’m going through, I have started to believe that there is no one for transpeople, at least for me. Yes you can publish this without my name.

All I need is a safe place to live and work. I’m a workaholic but since 2009 when I just started coming out I lost my job and since then it’s been a hell of a journey.

My experience is in the field of sports/events/marketing. I have written to Aguda – The Israel LGBT but they were not helpful, I have written so many people for help but no one seems to understand a transperson situation. I wrote to LGBT Israel as well they seem to understand and would help. Thanks a ton

You can leave a comment or contact www.comingout.co.il and they will tell me.

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Born in the wrong body in India, Ewan had to run away with his son and his husband to the Caribbean to be able to live his life freely…Share on Facebook