What’s your number?

Posted on December 22, 2012 by Comingout coil

What is beautiful about Coming Out process is that you come out as you are, a unique person and then you discover you are not the only one with this story. What is even more beautiful is that no ones has exactly the same story.

That’s the beauty: the words we use and put together, the contrary of numbers that are something flat without a soul.

I went to the doctor today.
First question: What is your number? I gave him my ID number?

Then I went to do an X-ray, the secretary asked me: what is your number?
I started telling her my ID number. she told me : “No, what is your phone number?”
I gave her my phone number.

Then I took the elevator to level 1 and went to a woman to ask her a question, she didn’t answer to the question she told me: “Did you take a number?”

Is a medical place you would love to feel human meaning for me at least having a name, no one asked me “what’s your name? how do you feel? ”

What is your ID number? What is your phone number? What is the number of your credit card? Did you take a number?

Did we became just code bar, QR code?
Did we became a cumputer with only 0 and 1 where there is no room for the grey zone?

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