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The Healing Power of Love – John & Damion

Posted on December 25, 2012 by Comingout coil

From the Guardian of Truth LGBT News Magazine

Damion has been battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for quite a while but he has a devoted companion, John, who has stuck by his side through thick and thin. This type of dedication and true commitment — without a doubt defines true love. Theirs is one of the greatest love stories of the century!

Merry Christmas Damion and John! May the deep love that you share continue to bring healing and blessings toall that you do and share in the coming years — AND OUR PRAYER IS THAT GOD WILL GRANT YOU MANY!

Jeffrey Osborne must have singing about you when he beautifully articulated these amazing love songs:
(Audio Link:)
“We’re going all the way…
We’re headed for forever and thats’ where we’re gonna stay…”
(Audio Link)
In Your Eyes

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