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Stay human, keep your eyes open!

Posted on November 20, 2012 by Comingout coil

Almost 10 years ago, during the war in Irak, I did my final project for my first degree about manipulation of images

if you go to advertising on the left and number 3 it’s about the confusion american army made in purpose between war video games and reality that the soldiers will forget the target has a real heart bit like you and me.

Tonight I was at friends and they have TV and it’s just crazy how you can see the brain wash and the confusion between video game, an action movie or reality…

It’s scary and I hope you all see that and all know what we can do with images…

When I was young I always thought that that we are living in someone’s dream and when that person would wake up we would all die.

My first presentation in Hebrew abou this grey zone between virtual and reality ;-)

thanks to Maya Weinberg for the translation ;-)

Keep your eyes open.

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