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Start listening to your brothers and sisters. The world is a huge family…

Posted on November 20, 2012 by aya

Relations between siblings are complicate.
Major part of our life we are living in the same house, sharing the same room, toys, quality time with our parents…
Basically from the beginning we need to learn how to share and how we can live together and be happy about it even if we are sometimes so different that we ask ourselves how come we have the same family name?
In my family, each one of us is so different and we all have our own strong individual character.
To be honest, I remember many fights with my brothers.
We all fight to protect or build our territory, to be right, to own something… until we understand we can share and that there is enough place in the world that we can all find ours without threaten the other’s.
Today, being more mature and understanding, even though we stayed very different from each other, I’m full of love and appreciation for my brothers.
If it happens inside families, I believe it can happen between countries, religions and different cultures. I believe we all want to feel at home and we are all children of Mother Nature.
I wish that Israel and Palestine will pass this childish selfish stage and will be able to live in peace, being mature and loving, brothers and sisters.
I was very moved to read my brothers activities during this terrible situation in Israel because at the end, we are not so different, we are all humans!
This is what one of my brothers, Uri, wrote on Facebook:
“When I opposed the second Lebanon massacre, I was told to shut up because I have no right to speak from NY. When I opposed the cast lead massacre I was told to shut up, having no right to speak from Tel Aviv. Now that the map of Israel has no safe place, maybe we can stop silencing and start listening?”
and this is what my two other brothers, Gil and Ran were doing:
IT SAYS: “Hi Eyal, this is Ran Shwed, Special request, Maybe you can make a small miracle. Gil is hosting people from the south and he wants to take them out for dinner in your restaurant, is it possible?”
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