MIDBURN, israeli burning man came out! )’(

Posted on October 7, 2012 by Comingout coil

Midburn, the Middle East Burning man, came out from Oct 4 until oct 7th

The magic happened. Burning man in Israel.

Thanks to the amazing team (http://midburn.org/)  that believed it could happen, the dream came true. Congratulation, it was just perfect!

Make a big LIKE on midburn page https://www.facebook.com/midburns

Everything was there:  the burners, the Playa, the Man, the Temple,the Massage in the Center Dome, the Mooping (Cleaning after us , MOOP = Matter Out Of Place), the respect of each other , the chance for everyone to allow himself to be who he truly is, the fire, the giving, the music, the costumes, in one word:  HOME


Butterfly by Carmel


The golden calf

The libray

And much more

the first art-car

We even made the first art-car (thanks Amirai, Shlomi, Yiscah, Aya, Dor and Efi)  in the middle east and I would be happy to get pictures since we were on it ;-)

The costumes

The gifts

The music

The Center Dome

The Man

The Temple

the Mooping

Cleaning after us , MOOP = Matter Out Of Place) in music

For more


the movie is coming soon…

)’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’( )’(

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