Life is a Rolercoster.

Posted on December 30, 2012 by Comingout coil

We Do not expect and we do not know how will we wake up, maby happy, sad, cry, laugh, angry, frustrated, excited, thrilled, and sometimes just do not feel anything.
But we are together.
We all go through the uncertainty, the swing that won’t stop swinging
And that’s what makes the world more and more interesting.

In A new Project of unique and consistent measure, i Will shoot you, all of you, shouting your emotions of the mood you are in, the most powerful, the most painful, the most happy and most excited, but where no one can hear, instead of the closest place to your base as a Human being. Your base, which we all have, , what unites us like one organism, let’s shout as you never dared before, let’s shout, flood the world with our individual energy , rather than contain and absorb. Flush Your Scream into the most pure essence of nature.

Not healthy to keep things bottled up.

Ziv Sade


this project will get bigger, i will shoot more people in a few weeks, for details & Registration : Screamyourcolors@gmail.com

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