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Posted on June 22, 2012 by Comingout coil

אתה מוציא מעצמך משהו שאתה מראה לאחרים, אתה לא שומר את זה לעצמך. נגיד הייתי כותבת שירים ורק שומרת במגירות שלי שאף אחד לא ישמע ויום אחד אני באה ואומרת  זהו, נמאס לי אני רוצה שכולם ידעו שאני כותבת שירים אז אני באה ואומרת הנה תשמעו שרתי, בואו תשמעו מה אני, מי אני

אז אנחנו יכולים להיות מי שאנחנו רק עם אנחנו חולקים עם העולם?

כן, אתה לבד, אתה שומר את זה ואף אחד לא יודע מזה. אם אף אחד לא יודע מזה אף אחד לא יכול ללמוד. מה המטרה? שאם אני יודעת משהו ואני מיישמת את זה במוסיקה אז אנשים  אחרים יכולים לקחת משהו ממה שחשבתי ולקחת את זה למקום שלהם וזה עובר לאין סוף

 Korin Allal 

Translation : Debbie Rozen
You extract something from yourself that you show to others.  You don’t keep it inside.  Lets say I were to write songs and keep them in my drawer so that no-one else could see them, and then one day, I would say, that’s it, I’m tired of keeping it all to myself and I want everyone to know that I write songs and I tell everyone, here this is what I wrote, listen to what I wrote, to who I am.
Yes because you keep it to yourself  then no-one knows about it and no-one can learn.  The point is that if I know something and apply it to my music, then other people can take something from my music and take it to a place of their own, to where they’re at and develop it, perhaps in a different direction to what I had been thinking of.  Its a never ending process.
If there is no sharing, a person stays closed within his/herself and does not express him/herself and if he/she does not express him/herself, there is no connection and therefore no growing, because he/she is in a continual self loop.
Look, coming out of the closet exists because it is necessary to “come out” with it
There are still lots of things which I haven’t yet shared.  Its just the lesbian closet that has been opened.  Its significant because as I opened it, I became calmer as I was no longer hiding something.  If I hadn’t come out of the closet then, I wouldn’t have been able to start a family.
It is important to come out of the closet, and once done, its very important to blossom as everyone needs to grow and develop.  I am a person who is becoming more free all the time – I’m the type that is constantly searching for more and more freedom.
Coming out means freedom and the constant search for more and more (freedom).
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