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Posted on July 24, 2012 by Comingout coil

מגיל 3 אני יודעת שאני סטרייטית כשגדלתי מאד התביישתי בחוויות שהיו לי. הבושה זה משהו שנחקק בגוף.

I was thinking that homosexual and lesbians are people that define themselves through their sexual identity.

It’s interesting becauise why this specific thing is Identity?
So I thought if I also define myself through my sexual identity so I also have my Coming Out to make.
I am straight.
From the age of 3 I know that I am straight.
Back then I already started to try all kind of very straight experiences.
So why it is coming out?
Because when I grew up I was really ahamed of all this experiments I had.
I thought it was sexual experiences even if it was not really sexual but as a little grl it was very sexual.
It was my secret.
I think that after I understood why it was a secret.
Because then I understood what we did. I thought we had sex and it became a secret.
The shame is something that is embedded in the body as a child.
I mean things that we absorbs as kids. we absorb it so deep that it stays inside all our life.
We have to deal with it all our life.
So I deal with shame.
I started then and I am not really ashamed of it now but things are always there and this shyness started with all kind of childhood’s secrets.

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