Please Love

movie by Aya and Yaelle Shwed edited by Daniel Avitzur
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Why sharing your personal story publicly is essential?

MARRIAGE FOR ALL sex, color, religion!!!! Yael & Michelle, please make the change!!

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MARRIAGE FOR ALL sex, color, religion!!!! Michelle & Yaelle, you make the change!!

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MARRIAGE FOR ALL sex, color, religion!!!! Obama & Omri, you make the change!!

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Exclusive – Barack Obama Extended Interview Pt. 1

Look at 5:00 in the timeline, So excited and moving.

The president of the United States, Obama, wants same rights for gay and lesbians couple!!Share on Facebook

המשביר/ בר קיימא- המילוט שלי מהמטריקס
המשביר- המילוט שלי מהמטריקס.
אם ברצונכם להגיע ממרכז תל אביב ליפו/ איילון דרום ואתם מוצאים את עצמכם תקועים בפקק הנצחי של דרך יפו,
אז תדעו שאפשר להימלט. נכנסים ברחוב המשביר ומשם סימטאות פלורנטין ייפלטו אתכם היישר בצידה הדרומי של העיר.
בכל פעם שאני עוברת ברחוב המשביר, מחייכת לעצמי ששוב שברתי את השיטה ואני לא הולכת להיתקע בין צפירות וקללות, אני מציצה במילוט הנוסף שצמח ברחוב זה.
הבר קיימא- אני לא זיכיתי את עצמי בכרטיס חברות מהסיבה הפשוטה שאני מחוץ לרדיוס ולכן סיכמנו על ידידות וכמה דקות מזדמנות פה ושם בגן עדן.
הבר קיימא, מעבר להיותו מקום מזין וטבעוני, מציע מרחב תרבותי במחירים נוחים לכל כיס.
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The 1st Israel Film Festival Berlin October 18th – 21st, 2012 is coming out!

1st Israel Film Festival Berlin October 18th – 21st, 2012 at MOVIEMENTO KINO. Four festival days will be packed with 70 short and long Documentaries and Fiction Features showing the diversity and creativity of the Independent film scene in Israel.

The Opening Film POLICEMAN (“Ha-shoter”) by NADAV LAPID received the Jury Award at last years festival in Locarno and was choosen by the American Critic’s Association as one of the ten best films of the year. NADAV LAPID shows us Yaron, who is one of an elite group of police officers working in an anti-terrorist unit in the Israeli police force. He and his fellow officers are the ultimate defence against the “Arab enemy”. Yaron loves the unit and its male camaraderie. He also loves his wife, who is soon to give birth. His encounter with a radical, violent group turns his life upside down, confronting him not only with the Israeli class war but also with his own inner conflicts.

The festival has chosen three Filmmakers in Focus. DAN WOLMAN and ANAT EVEN from Tel Aviv and LIOR SHAMRIZ from Berlin, who will present several films each. We are happy to have these filmmakers attending the festival and many more.

AMOS GUTTMAN is honored with a special programme of his films as we do also a tribute to director and actor JULIANO MER-KHAMIS, who was murdered in 2011.

The festival wants to invite you to three PANEL DISCUSSION touching the issues of co-production, women in the film industry and the question, why Berlin is so attractive to so many Israeli artits and filmmakers

Please Love” will be screen on Friday 19.10.2012 ˑ 12:45 h & on Saturday  20.10.2012 ˑ 20:30 h 

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ערב סרט פופקורן ובירה- פליז לאב ‎03.10.12 at ‎9:00pm‎‎ at ‎יער בירייה, Rosh Pinah‎

זעקה לאהבה וקבלה.הזוכה בפרס הסרט הישראלי הקצר הטוב ביותר בפסטיבל לקולנוע גאה 2011. סיפור אנושי מרגש ומלא הומור על יעל (עולה חדשה מצרפת ואמנית ויז’ואל) ואיה (מוסיקאית ויוצרת) שהחליטו להכניס מצלמה לחייהן על מנת לתעד את הזוגיות ההרמונית שלהן אל מול מערכת היחסים המורכבת עם ההורים. המצלמה עוקבת אחר הרגעים האינטימיים בדירתן היפואית ועד לנסיעתן לפריז בניסיון נוסף להתקבל בקרב משפחתה של יעל.נעות בין ייאוש לתקווה, חושפות באומץ ובכנות לא מיוסרת את מחיר החופש.

40 דקות, עברית וצרפתית, תרגום לאנגלית

בימוי: יעל ואיה שויד
עורכת :דניאל אביצור
יעל, מהגרת מצרפת, יוצאת
בעקבות השמש ומוצאת את
אהבת חייה. המשפחה
מתקשה לקבל.
(עצמאי, 40 דקות, 2011)

יער בירייה, 138023 Rosh Pinah

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2012, year of forgiveness and acceptance

Today I feel that finally I came out from the 2011 closet. Today I forgive.
This Yom Kippur is very special for me. My mum arrives from Paris to Tel Aviv today and I am going to take her from the airport with Aya, my wife, and we are going to spend Yom Kippur together after 6 years I haven’t spend Rosh Hashanah or Kippur with my parents (I know some of you wished they could escape from this intense family time period every year ;-) ).
2011 has been a very chaotic year for me. I have been angry and sad screaming for love and acceptance and I didn’t get what I wanted: my parents didn’t come to my wedding.
I discovered what it was to be really depressed, to touch this very low and dark zone.
In 2011 I didn’t forgive.
2012 has been a very challenging year too in a very different way. A lot of changes for me: I turned 30, new home, new job, new vision of love and relationship. I feel I am starting to get answers.
I started to accept that not everything is like I want it to be and I am not exactly who I would like to be and people would like me to be and it’s ok. I even learn how to love it, my imperfect world.
In that period of the year we are suppose to ask for forgiveness.
This year I decided to not ask people to forgive me but to do something harder for me and to take the responsibility on me: I chose to forgive.
For those who saw our movie “Please Love”, you know I thought I knew what love is… I couldn’t explain it ;-) (For those who haven’t seen it yet, you’ll get it: )
Today I think love is to forgive I forgive my dad who still refuses to meet my wife, I forgive my mum who hasn’t been always there for me but made a lot of efforts this year, I forgive my brother that lives in his own world and hope he is happy there, I forgive myself, I forgive the universe.
I love imperfection.
Today I am happy, I feel free and complete.
I prepared with love my mum’s room in our home.
I wish you for this year the power to forgive yourself &co.
Bon Appetit
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“Please Love” by Yaelle and Aya Shwed

To rent or buy it online

Winner best documentary TLV Fest 2011

Yaelle, a new immigrant in Israel from France follows the sun and finds the love of her life.
Her family finds it hard to accept.
The movie is a moving, musical and poetic journey around the outside and inside world
between Yaelle and Aya, a native from Israel.
This documentary takes you between despair and hope, showing courage and honesty alongside the price of freedom.

Edited by Daniel Avitzur

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