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National Teacher day

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Jason Collins Exclusive First Interview with George Stephanopoulos

A Perfect Ending

Very good actresses! Very true feelings! Very strong movie

Director: Nicole Conn

Writer: Nicole Conn

Stars: Barbara Niven, Jessica Clark and John HeardShare on Facebook


To be a lesbian in Iran is not so simple.
Better to become a man, to change your identity to be allowed to love who you want?
The stunning Jasmin Tabatabai stars escape to German as a man and fall in love with a woman…

Director: Angelina Maccarone

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Elena Undone – Online Movie

When Love hits you , don’t even try to fight it ;-)

Life is unpredictable and you are a lucky person if you fell in love in your life and even luckier if the person loved you back as you are.
Who cares about gender, religion, colors, when there is love?
Enjoy this movie

Director: Nicole Conn

Writer: Nicole Conn

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Why sharing your personal story publicly is essential?

Busy Minister

I am a very busy Minister so I don’t have time to write you my program but I will do it later

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Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand community gets together to say some important words. No matter what, these people are beautiful.
Hand in Hand presentation at the willy brandt center in Jerusalem
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Children are the one that will change the world but they need your money.

You can be part of the ones that support a project that can change the world and bring peace to the middle est.
If our children will see it’s possible to love each other and dance together no matter their cultural background
I guess peace will win
open you heart and your wallet and make it happen by supporting the movie that show it can be the futur:
“Dancing in Jaffa” by Hilla Medalia

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שרת הביטחון- Minister of Defense

בתור שרת הביטחון אדאג לכך שכל אישה ואיש יוכלו לצאת בבטחה עם זהותםהדתית/ מינית/ פילוסופית/ אתנית. ממשלת קומינגאאוט תמגר את השקרים והסילופים ותחשוף את כל האמיתות שנבלעו במלתעות המטריקס. אנו נבנה ממשלה חזקה על בסיס של קואליציה רחבה. בעלי הת

פקידים יתחלפו ברוטציה. רוצה להיות ראש הממשלה הבאה? תני לייק, עשה share, הצטרפי לרשימה! הפריימריס החלו- מי שבוחרת- נבחרת!
As the minister of Defense I promise to protect all people and let everyone choose who they want to be and to feel protected to be who they are. For those who are afraid- such as homophobics, gynophobics etc. I promise to take care of your security and to provide you with a shield that will guard you and keep you safe.
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Minister of sleep

وزيرا من النوم أتمنى لك أحلام حلوة
As the minister of sleep i wish you sweet dreams

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Minister of Friends

As the Minister of Friends, I suggest you to invite all your friends to the new party

“אם אני הייתי/اذا بقدر/If I were/Si j’étais” . 
In that party, you can also become a Minister.
You can be the Minister of what ever you want with any program you want.
In that party everyone is our friend and we accept you and we love you as you are.

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